Kamis, 25 Februari 2010

6 Steps So Boss Wisely

As a boss, you are selaiknya respected figure and a respect of employees. Yours is different from fear. You would be happier if respect is given sincerely and appropriately, rather than simply revered or feared subordinates.

Do not let your boss is known as a no tolerance, like angry, or too subjective. Well, here some tips for you to be a wise boss and beloved colleague.

1. Sincere and Fair
Leading the work team requires skill or skills. However, not only that, as an employer, you also should be able to be sincere and fair. Genuinely share the work, sincere lead, is also fair in maximizing the benefits of each employee in the team.

Do not let you assign someone in the wrong place. It is also important, you also must always be ready to help subordinates find opportunities to improve their deficiencies.

2. Want to Keep Learning
Although the position was at the level of management, does not mean you are more intelligent, more experienced, or better at it than other employees, you know! Despite being the boss, you should still want to learn.

Whatever you feel if you still have not mastered, never shy to ask, even to subordinates. Digging the science does not know the age and position of the post, really.

Recognized or not, this way will make you deemed to have contributed in the progress reports. Range distance between you and the subordinates do not need to be a rock barrier to progress together. Being smart with would be more enjoyable, rather than smart alone.

3. Manage Emotions
If you are still young, you often can be hooked and unable to regulate emotions that are still explosive. This anger, but not good for health, it will trigger a prolonged stress. Anger also usually be carried up to the house. As a result, families will receive the effects.

So, start learning to control anger toward team performance. Do not scold, scolded, and reprimand subordinates in public. This method will indirectly affect them mentally. They might not feel the spirit of working and oppressed. Subordinates are not slaves that you can treat arbitrarily. They are human beings who did not escape the mistakes.

Build a positive work they are mental. Better, call them into your room, and tell what mistakes have been done. Make the mistakes that they learn and do better.

4. Do Subjective
Not infrequently there is a boss who is very subjective personal response to each of his subordinates. Thus, usually without knowing it, you will be more inclined to subordinate the one than the other.

In other words, you find chemistry with him. For employment matters, in a professional, you better get rid of things like this. Because this could be a trigger destruction of a work team cohesiveness. Other employees will feel dianaktirikan, while others felt it was in the safe position as close to you.

Treat all subordinates in the same way. Make the benefits they could be useful as possible for the progress of the company, as well as cover the lack of other subordinates. Thus, another one will need each other. The result, a solid working team.

5. The success team, your victory
Do not work alone. Work as a leader who delegated the job well to subordinates in the work team. Teach them to work effectively, responsibly, and the final results-oriented.

Remember, success and their success is your victory. What happens when you have a subordinate who was capable and did not develop? You own a bother, right?

The more difficult job that they can solve, it is a good means to grow. Without this, you indirectly have memasung employee creativity. Well, you waiting for? Establish a work team to create quality human. Guaranteed, you will be rewarded as a boss who cares about the progress of subordinates.

6. Build Friendship
Not a few bosses who feel proud to join crusted subordinates. Also, employers often prefer to choose the proper subordinates who accompanied him to lunch. Remember, employees have rights and equal opportunity. Jalinlah friendship with all employees at all levels. That way, you do not shut down along with the older or younger. Never be afraid unrivaled by younger people.

What you do will be an example for young subordinates. No doubt, you have become part of means on the way their future career success. And, most importantly, you have a friend who is positive for them.

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  1. Nice info brother, i hope i could be a boss,,someday..^_^